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Informal Business Valuation

We determine your company’s valuation on a quarterly basis while also creating a scorecard so you know where you stand and how we’re progressing based your key performance indicators. Get Started Now


Value Driver Planning

We help you close the gap between your business and your personal finances. Includes the creation of a personal financial plan, gap analysis, and business assessment.


Value Acceleration

What makes your business the most profit? We meet with you monthly to help you capitalize on your strengths and identify inefficiencies.


Exit plan

We create a formal roadmap. Includes informal business valuation scorecard, attractiveness and readiness score, value driver planning and three legs of the stool – personal, financial and business. Your strategy for a successful exit.



Test your most expensive asset – new hires, management and key persons. Helps you capitalize on your employee’s strengths and natural aptitudes, defines role and responsibilities, reduces internal friction, and is a tool to design meaningful compensation plans.



We help you reward your most valuable employees in a meaningful way to accelerate productivity leading to increased enterprise value and goal alignment.


Exit Advisors identified with laser-like focus our company’s areas of strength and weakness and drilled down into those areas where we could improve. In the process they helped me grow my bottom line and build value in our company – my family’s largest asset. Thanks to the valued advice of this team and the systems they put in place, my family and I are now prepared personally and financially to transition the business when the right time comes. In addition to being experts in building and maximizing business value, Exit Advisors stands out in their emphasis on the often neglected area of personal planning, specifically focusing on our lives after business.



Transferring Management Duties

As owners work toward their exits, they need to transition a variety of management duties to the new owner. To do so, it is important to create, at least five years in advance of your target date, a time-based plan that determines who will take over which tasks within a set timetable.

Some owners are able to accomplish this fairly quickly because they’ve already delegated management responsibility. We can help you figure out where you are on the management transition continuum.

Minimizing A Lender’s Risk When Financing A Sale

Whether you plan to sell your company to a third party or transfer it to key employees, co-owners or children, your banker can provide the cash necessary for a smooth transition.

In all scenarios, banks strive to minimize their risk. One way to do so is for buyers to take advantage of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) loan guaranty programs that can protect the lender bank against loss in case of default.

The SBA’s 7A loan guaranty program is designed to facilitate the sale of a business interest by guaranteeing the loan repayment.

Select the Right Exit Path – Sale to Third Party

The market has indicated that 20 percent of businesses are for sale to a third party, but only one out of four actually sells. For businesses above $10 million per year; however, the odds improve to 50 percent.  In a retirement situation, a sale to a third party too often becomes a bargain sale – most often the only alternative to liquidation. This option becomes necessary in many situations because owners fail to create a market for their stock through sale to family members,

The “Old Company” to “New Company” Technique

You have made up your mind that you will transfer ownership of your company to an insider — whether it’s your children or key employees. However, you may not be ready to turn over total control of the company just yet. In fact, you may want to make sure you can undo any damage that could result from your successors failing to successfully carry on the business, as well as failing to pay you in full for the business.

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